2015-2016 Superintendent's Message
Greetings!  North Bolivar Consolidated School District Supporters and Constituents, it is with gratitude and appreciation to serve as the first superintendent of the North Bolivar Consolidated School District.  I would like to thank the Board for giving me the opportunity to serve as superintendent of one of the most unique and prosperous districts in Mississippi, and to thank you for the expression of faith in my abilities that you have shown.

In my opening address last year, I described the newly created district as symbolizing the hand that consists of four fingers and a thumb.  Each finger and thumb represents a school that makes up this district.  The four fingers  and thumb are attached to the human hand; each needing and assisting the other to perform multi-tasks on a daily basis.  So therefore, if one school fails or is detached, then we all fail.

If is my goal to ensure that we work together; teachers, students, faculty, and the community in a collaborative effort to succeed.  As a unified and highly functional district, we will uphold and adhere to our vision:  "The North Bolivar Consolidated School District is a place where children and adults are challenged to achieve full potential in their academic, creative, personal, physical, moral, and social development."

Over the past year, we have experienced and witnessed a substantial amount of growth in academics as well as athletic achievement.  We are pressing as a district to continue to succeed and surpass expectations.  So therefore, we will continue to work together to improve the North Bolivar Consolidated  School District.

As we look towards to future, let's keep the faith and confidence and remember the "BEST" is yet to come in the North Bolivar Consolidated School District.

Educationally yours,

Johnnie L. Vick, Superintendent