Old District Email
Current District Email
District Office
201 Green Street
Mound Bayou, Mississippi   38762

Shelby Site
700 Robert D. Gray Avenue
Shelby, Mississippi  38774
District Office
Telephone:  662-741-2555
Fax:  662-741-2726

Shelby Site
Telephone:  662-398-4000
Fax:  662-398-7496
Maurice Smith, Superintendent

Mid-Grading Period Progress Reports for the First Grading Period will be issued to parents on Friday, September 1.
We Are North Bolivar Consolidated School District

As we experience the dawn of a new school term, and face the swirling winds of change and uncertainty, one  truth remains constant.  Our students and the communities that produced them are our greatest assets.  The district's human and material resources are currently limited, but our students' potential in terms of creativity and productivity is limitless.  The schools they attend sit in the heart of communities that are steeped in rich cultural heritages and pride.  Three of the district's schools bear the names of public servants that overcame great obstacles to make a difference in our county, state, and nation.  Let us rededicate ourselves to making a difference in the lives of our students despite the difficulties that confront us this year.  We will prevail because we are North Bolivar Consolidated School District.