Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Xandra Brooks-Keys, Assistant Superintendent

Sherry Coleman, District Testing Coordinator 

Ebony Watson, District Instructional Specialist


Welcome to NBCSD's Office of Curriculum and Assessment!  NBCSD is proud to offer a plethora of resources and services to ensure proficiency, growth, and academic excellence to the students of Brooks Elementary School, I.T. Montgomery Elementary School, and Northside High School!  Please continue to visit this page for updates from the Office of C.I.A.

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2023-2024 NBCSD Elementary Instructional Management System

2023-2024 NBCSD Secondary Instructional Management System

MS College and Career-Readiness Standards

2023-2023 Instructional Management Plan

2023-2024 English Language Learners Plan

2023-2024 Dropout Prevention Plan

Instructional Programs

Literacy Based Promotion Act (LBPA)

Literacy Based Promotion Report 2023

Strong Readers Strong Leaders


MDE Professional Development Opportunities

MDE Office of Student Assessment